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(22) DanielHeids ( 2020 05 31 09:17:17 ) email

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(20) VernonPlona ( 2020 05 26 05:41:24 ) email

Lending finance september, but I'm on an extended break from banking. I've gotten a small amount of credit from friends to help me pay back student loans, and with some more work and some money, I'll be able to take over this post in October. The only problem is, my bank isn't on the list.

You probably read about this in yesterday's article or heard of this before, but if you're under the age of 31, or if you have student loan debt on your credit report or your income does not match up to the income you've received from the job you've been attending, your bank could decide to cut you off. Even worse, if that happens, it could lead to you having to declare bankruptcy.

If that's true to you, you probably need some basic information now. First off, let's look at how your bank is structured right now.

What is a student loan?

A student loan is an amount of money borrowed against your home and then used to pay for a degree. The amount you are able to borrow can be as little as 30 cents or as much as 5% of your income. When you graduate, your monthly tuition is reduced by about 4%. The difference between the amount you borrow, and the amount you graduate with is sometimes referred to as a debt.

How do you get to this financial crisis?

The simple answer is, you need to graduate with debt on your record. And there are two schools of thought here.

SJW school: Most people would think that only a certain category of people can benefit from having a loan. If that is indeed the case, the main problem with this theory is that it only applies to the very wealthy. Many college graduates would probably feel the need to get an increase in their student loan debt in order to qualify for an extension.

College student: If you are attending a four-year college and making less than 20k a year, the main problem with this theory is that the burden of their debt will be very small. The debt will either not be large enough to make that amount worth filing bankruptcy, or they'll also be able to borrow at least as much as they pay back in interest and fees. These are the guys who need a loan so they can save on tuition and attend school while saving the money to pay off their loans later when they can.

There's only one problem: this "alternative" theory is flawed. For one, there is no real evidence that an increase in debt can really help a student. For another, if you're a college graduate, this new way to finance your education really does not give you any additional options to graduate with credit worth anything.

The second schoo

Minister shoots down darling downs evacuation fears for kids

MILLCREEK, S.C. -- Gov. Nikki Haley canceled Friday a planned evacuation of more than 1,800 South Carolina school students in Wake County and ordered emergency personnel to prepare for more children being evacuated this week because of the heat.

Haley called the evacuation "unnecessary."

Gov. Haley calls on parents to keep their children safe when they get hot at school. -- ABCNewsPolitics (@ABCPolitics) February 17, 2017

Haley said in a statement that the governor "knows the potential of heat in the forecast, and this is simply not necessary." She said the decision is in the best interest of all students and officials.

Haley called a press conference at the State Department Friday, where she announced the evacuation order was lifted for students to prepare for heat.

The governor's statement didn't specifically address any specific temperature readings, although a number of locations across the state report temperatures around 85 degrees. According to CNN affiliate WYFF, the school system has received complaints of students being left in the cold by some schools.

She also said she has instructed the South Carolina Department of Transportation to keep people away from roads, rivers and water in the region, which is expected to continue over the next few days.

Here's a brief timeline of when students will be moved out across South Carolina:

The school systems began evacuating students on Friday.

The governor called emergency responders from the Bureau of Emergency Management, the S.C. State Highway Patrol and the Wake County Sheriff's Office to start the evacuation at 2 p.m.

Students who are able to find housing can contact the local shelter, but most schools have already closed, according to WYFF.

Students who need to be removed from their homes can visit one of the schools listed below or call 703-638-5860.

North Carolina


Cape Canaveral



Hilton Head

North Carolina State

North Caro

Carolina City









Crowberry Springs


Fort Bragg





Chapel Hill



Charlotte Falls


(19) DanielHeids ( 2020 05 25 18:21:55 ) email

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(18) glovtiavema ( 2020 05 24 20:39:20 ) email

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(17) FrancesPlepe ( 2020 05 22 00:25:09 ) email

If you owned a restaurant, what kind of food would it serve?

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